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Parvaz research ideas supporter Institute, located in Endocrine & Metabolism Research Institute inTehran University of Medical Sciences, focuses on education and research in the field of biomedical sciences and provide equal educational opportunities and skill development for researchers. Parvaz institute collaborates on various projects with bioclinical companies and institutes, and maintains extensive scientific and research interactions with faculty members in the life sciences field.With a dedicated and skilled team, we continuously work towards creating a dynamic and supportive  environment for the growth and progress of researchers. Parvaz Institute, which is involved in various areas as listed below

The education department of Parvaz School has a professional team of capable instructors who conduct online, in-person, and offline courses based on the needs of researchers. Parvaz School is always open to welcoming professors and specialists in biology and basic sciences.In the research department of Parvaz School, in addition to organizing various research courses, such as the “Be a Researcher” course, educational and research workshops, biomedical journal clubs, and more, this department also provides a platform for research and university projects, allowing you to carry out your study-research projects at Parvaz School, in addition this department collaborates on projects with professors and researchers worldwide

The commercialization department serves as a strategic link between scientific research and the market and plays a crucial role in converting scientific innovations into practical products and services. Services offered by this department include specialized consulting for biomedical and biology ideas and projects, development of feasibility studies and customized business plans, establishing connections with investors and securing investment, providing financial services and support for project development, providing technical and infrastructural facilities, and supporting the commercialization process of projects

The Parvaz School book department, in collaboration with top researchers, is honored to have published the book “From Cell to Cancer,” which won the 39th Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the 28th Student Book of the Year Festival. Due to the achievements of this valuable work, we have decided to create the second generation of this book as a lasting national project with the cooperation of specialized associations in the country, as well as faculty members.The second edition of the book “From Cell to Cancer” is being written, and you can also apply to collaborate on this project. 

The news and content production department, as the main reference for the dissemination of information and news, plays a key role in informing and raising public awareness by focusing on producing high-quality and up-to-date content. This department also provides services in content production, such as virtual space management services for business development, offering all Instagram services, website design with complete support, creating LinkedIn networks with comprehensive support, providing visual content production services (filming, editing, etc.), providing audio content production services (podcast recording, etc.), consulting on content production strategy and virtual space management, and more

 We cordially invite distinguished professionals and experts in biomedical field to collaborate with us at Parvaz Research Ideas Support Institute

 If you are passionate about advancing education, research, and innovation, we encourage you to join our team. Please submit your resume to be considered for collaboration opportunities. To express your interest and share your credentials, you can apply from registration page

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